300 Writing Prompts

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Electronic Book

It is said that the simplest way to making a living on the net, could be to produce your very own Electronic book. Wow! That is a straightforward assertion, however – a lot more detail is needed than that! I am going to attempt to describe things I have discovered that I’m finding out whilst I’m looking into making my very own Ebook.

Writing Prompts

Don’t know what to write about? You can find a great many writing prompts available on line, if you want. For instance, if you have an account on Pinterest, there are pages of writing prompts for stories, imaginative paragraphs and anything else you might imagine. Some are of the “It was a dark and stormy night” type, while others ask you to imagine meeting yourself from the future, or what might have happened if a certain incident had or had not taken place. Most of these are fiction type prompts. There are also journals available, with prompts for each day of the year, in which you write about the prompt with a view to looking back on your views a year later. You can also produce what are called “Low Content Journals” where you provide prompts for the purchaser to fill in their own information. This can be for those writers with a knowledge of the kinds of questions that help people understand their situation or they can be for those who illustrate pages that help people relax and focus on something besides their worries.

If you prefer to write about your own day, write about what happened, a meal you had and the recipe, a funny incident on the bus or train or the angry driver during your commute. The blog post on The Traveller’s Guide To Cyprus provides writing prompts on what is happening around you, whether in your own town or on holiday, while the paying markets article provides writing prompts on pets.

Technical Writing And How To Guides

There are also technical forms of writing, where you write a “how to” or guide to using something. Is there a piece of equipment or a program you use that others find difficult?

Try reading others’ blogs and posts. You may find lots of prompts there where you can comment or reply or even write your own form of post on that subject, taking perhaps a totally different slant.

This site will curate others’ posts, with links to the original and these may give you plenty of possible topics for writing. Curation is where a site takes a few words of someone else’s post, perhaps adds a short commentary, then provides a link to the original post for you to read in full.


When you know what you would like to write about, you are already on the road. However, if you aren’t certain precisely what information and facts you’ve learned during your life- to be honest, it’s a challenge to sort it out.

I have found the easiest way to brainstorm is always to collate your tips, experiences and information down on paper – after that, investigate to find out what individuals are searching for online and add more information on those subtopics. You can use a mindmap or a concept map to put the information into a logical order.


To find out whether your proposed e-book will be popular you should do an investigation. Use a search engine, such as Google or look on Amazon or Youtube, to find out how many times people have searched for the information you could provide.

This can give an idea whether it’s a feasible solution. Additionally perform a search in Google and Yahoo for the keywords, and discover what presents itself. Look into a few of the websites you find – you may well be amazed at what is already available or what gaps appear to need filling.


If you consider your book may fill a gap, then it’s time to compose. Produce it in a text format, using Word or Notepad. There are programs available to change your text into an ebook. Alternatively, you might choose to publish on your own blog or on an article site, such as Hubpages, where you can find helpful forums and where you can read other people’s posts which can give you even more ideas and writing prompts. There are blogs and articles about all of these, plus articles on how to find a publisher.