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Unlimited Writing Prompts

What Can I Write About?

As a child, I remember being told to write about what I knew and thinking that I didn’t know anything! As an adult, I often thought the same, especially when I was trying to write academic articles for my supervisors. Now I know it was not only the best advice but the only advice for writing.

Where To Get Prompts

What is going on in your life? Pick one and write about it. If you can’t think of what to write, then try freewriting.


What’s your lifestyle? Are you comfortable, struggling, just managing? Have you young children, retired? Adult kids still living at home? No kids, free as the wind? Off grid, alternative lifestyle, Hobo, homeless?


What are you eating today or have you eaten?

Have you got a photograph?

Did you eat at home or out?
Did you cook? Are you on a special diet? Why? Do you have a signature recipe? Let others know what it is. What’s on offer at your local store, do you buy specials? Do you do a bulk cook?


Weight loss is a perennial thought for some. A few others are more interested in weight gain. Do you have experience of different areas of weight control? Share your thoughts, your triumphs, your disappointments, your non-scale victories.


Do you enjoy exercise, going to the gym, lifestyle couch potato? Have you changed your lifestyle? Why, How?


gardening, fishing, cooking, golf, soccer, sports, photography, camping, watching TV, shopping, retail therapy,


Have you got young children, elderly parents, siblings, best friends. What joys and cares do you have with these?


This is an evergreen subject, everyone is always interested in relationships, whether their own love affairs or lack of them or those of others. Advice columns still get plenty of letters asking for help with problems.


Many people are interested in celebrities, their clothes style, relationships, their films, or other promotional stunts. There are film celebrities, sports stars, famous families and they all have lives, some parts of which they wish to flaunt and other parts to keep hidden, like everyone else. If you are interested in celebrities and their lifestyle, you can write for those others who are also interested.


What’s your job? Do you have one? Are you a teacher, a scientist, a bank teller, a street sweeper, an environmental activist, a mountain climber? What can you tell others about your job or your lack of one or our search for one? Are you passionate about your job? If not, what are doing to change it?

LOT MORE TO COME. Watch out for more prompts and ideas.