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Writing Challenges

Do you face a significant challenge in your life? Maybe your health or that of someone near to you? Possibly you are going to complete a race or marathon or other physical challenge such as homelessness or maybe you face a mental challenge of some kind, overcoming addiction, a mental health problem, starting or continuing a diet, or motivating yourself to complete your studies.

Whatever your challenge, big or small, whether it’s one listed above or something totally different, you can write about it. You may find someone else with the same problem that you can help or gain help from.

Writing Prompt

Do you face a daily challenge or even a weekly, monthly or annual challenge? Try writing about your ongoing problem and how you face it. You may be overcoming it or it may be one that you will have to live with. You may be getting treatment, or not and you may have made choices about that.

Living With Cancer

Coral Levang was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and given only a short time to live. She has lived well beyond that time and has decided to challenge her own creativity. Read what she says …..

“Last year I went to the “Warrior Goddess” event, and created the canvas you see on the left. I actually hung it up on my wall. The black and white stripes on the face were representative of my “zebra stripes,” as I continue to live as a zebra (person diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumors [NETs]/carcinoid cancer.)

Life is and always has been a journey. The process of getting through and going beyond any challenge takes some chance–a risk–and it is not comfortable.  Expressing myself through art has been just as uncomfortable as any other challenge I have had in my life. Some day, I will tell more of that story.” … If you want to read the rest, visit her site.