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Setting Writing Goals


So you want to be a writer? Have you set your goals for this? Or is your goal just a dream? What does “being a writer” mean to you anyway? For me, as a child, it meant writing fiction stories. As an adult, it morphed into writing “how to” guides and academic dissertations. These are all valid forms of writing. For some people, writing a daily journal entry is the nearest point they want to reach in becoming a writer, while others dream of writing the next blockbuster science fiction story, screen play, romance, horror or comedy.

What Is A Goal

A goal is something valuable (to you) that you want to achieve in the future. That future might be long term or short term. Your goal might be to gain an academic degree, or to become a great baker, or to write a novel, for instance. Having that goal is important, because that will guide your steps and help you decide which next activity is best to help you achieve it. Just having a goal to be a writer will not allow you to achieve it though. You need to set an action plan with objectives to reach along the way and until you have that, your goal of being a writer will just be a dream. You will also need feedback on how you are progressing and objectives will help you get that, whether from yourself or from others.

What Is An Objective

An objective is a short term goal that gets you closer to achieving your long term goal. A goal of “being a writer” is not specific. It’s like saying my goal is “to lose weight” – well ok, but how much, by when? This is what you need to decide on for reaching your goal of becoming a writer. Do you want to write an academic article, a romance novel, an historical explanation, a how-to guide, a children’s picture book story, a low content journal, something else? When do you want to achieve that by? Next month, next year, five years’ time?

My Sample Goal

To be a published writer by ……… (date)

Sample Objectives

To write a fiction novel by …. (date)

To do this, I will:

  1. write a novel outline by ….. (date)
  2. write a character outline for my protagonist by …. (date)
  3. write chapter 1 by …. (date)
  4. write chapter 2 by …. (date)
  5. edit chapter 1 by … (date)
  6. join a writers’ club by ….. (date)
  7. take part in nanowrimo during November
  8. find some unbiased readers to give feedback on my writing by … (date)

Writing Goals Calendar

Here is a downloadable, single page writing goals calendar for January 2020 that will help you get started on reaching your goal to become a writer and achieve your own happiness.

Writing Goals Calendar Jan2020