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11 Paying Markets for Pet-Loving Writers

Erica Verrillo, a published author, writes on getting published, on available markets and how to get published. One of her latest posts is about writing on pets, whether factual or fiction. She says, “If you are a writer who owns a pet, you can write about the experience. Most pet magazines are looking for nonfiction articles. But even if you are a fiction writer, there is room for creative writing. Many magazines explore the history of domestic pets, as well as other topical aspects of pet ownership.”

Erica goes on to talk about the kinds of articles you could write, with plenty of writing prompts here, then covers paying markets that are looking for articles and how to pitch your idea to an editor. Click the link if you want to read about paying markets for pet lovers.

Of course, you can always write about your own pet, without publishing in magazines. There are a number of bloggers doing this, just look at all the cat and dog videos available on Youtube, along with sites dedicated to funny pets or pets being silly or behaving badly. There is a huge market of people spending time each day looking at other people’s pet videos or looking for health information about their own pet. People are also looking for articles on how to stop dogs barking, how to stop cats scratching furniture, toilet training puppies, or taking pets on holiday, whether camping or to hotels. One blogger I used to follow wrote about her pet’s day not on her own blog but on a forum dedicated to a particular software (which I used). She used her pet’s photo as her avatar and used her pet’s day for examples to fill out articles on using the software. When her cat died, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy for her. She was a very popular forum member. Being a subscribing forum member often allows you to include a “sig” on your posts and this can include a link to your own blogs or articles.

Another blogger used to write articles from her cat’s point of view, talking about her human. These were very funny and very popular if you can write this way. Other methods of getting content for a blog are to curate other people’s content (with attribution) and a link. This does NOT include plagiarism (copying) and passing off content as your own.