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Learn New Things

Are you learning something new? Maybe you are learning a new language or a new skill? Perhaps you are learning to swim or ride a bike or developing your computer skills? Perhaps you are even trying to develop new skills as a writer, a photographer, a gymnast?

Writing Prompts

Whatever new thing you are learning, you can write about it. You can write about why you decided to try it, how you set about learning, whether you found a teacher, a school, a distance learning program or just set about trying new things and ways of doing something.

You can write about your difficulties, triumphs, what you would do differently, if anything and what advice you would give to someone doing the same thin. Maybe you found some shortcuts along the way?

One writer enjoyed taking photographs but wanted to move from using simple photographs to producing artistic photographs. He wrote about why he wanted to improve and how he set about it.

For a long time I wasn’t sure how to move beyond simple photography, and I didn’t think I had the skills to do something different with them.

Then, when I saw what others were able to accomplish, I set out to find out how they achieved their styles. This is a developing skill and I hope that in a year’s time my photographs will have moved on to a higher level again”. If you want to see more about what he did and the results he obtained, then you can read more here.