The Traveller’s Guide To Cyprus

Writing Prompts

Have you recently visited somewhere new? Even if not, what is there about the place where you live that a tourist or visitor should know about? Has something new happened? Is there a new piece of artwork? Perhaps a new shop opened? One Facebook blogger writes about his own town and has recently posted a review on Trip Adviser of a new candy shop opened and a new piece of artwork related to lost soldiers from World War 1. Here is a review he wrote of the Railway Museum in his home town at a time when it was being used for a film set.

Another interesting and useful blog example is a personal one, written by an older woman who calls herself “The Lifestyle Support Guru” (LSG). She is in the UK and writes about her daily life in a humorous way, including travel, visits to supermarkets, shopping and dealing with (adult) brothers and sisters. The particular blog post below covers a recent visit to the island of Cyprus, in the Mediterranean, with tourist activities and self-deprecating humor, along with advice to LSG followers.

The LSG wrote:

“This holiday started badly, I’m afraid – the alarm went off at 5.30am a couple of days ago! How can they even let that time exist? The day should always start at something like 8.30am and move sedately on to the evening, allowing for gentle pauses along the way for food and drink, or catching a plane. Nevertheless, younger siblings and I made it safely to the airport where next-sibling-down proceeded to consume a Belgian waffle with chocolate and cream at 7.30 in the morning. I managed a small cup of coffee. Youngest sibling went to the toilet.”

You can read more from this article by the LSG.

Your writing can be factual, like the first example, humorous, like the second example or something totally different. No two people will write exactly the same way about the same thing. Find your own way of writing and get stuck in.

Writing Prompts For Your Local Area


Is there a local monument? Maybe a war memorial or to something else? What is its history, has something new happened to it recently? Are there any ceremonies around it, when are they, what are the arrangements? Who or what is the monument about? What was the original event that prompted its erection? Is it time for a recap?

Beautiful Scenery

Do you have a local park or walk that people flock to? Might more people want to hear about it? Is it closed at the minute? Is there a problem? What is being done? When is the  best time to visit? Have you photos, why would people want to visit, is it suitable for joggers, pets, pram pushers, disabled?

Local Business

Be positive about local businesses. What is there for the casual visitor? What might even locals not know about? Any new businesses? When will / did they open? What do they sell? Do they hold any events? When? Do these bring visitors to the town?

Cafes, Restaurants And Candy Shops

What is available for local visitors to your area if they are hungry, thirsty or want candy? Can they get a meal, where is the best place? Any specialities? Any limitations, such as no pets, suitable for disabled, prams, etc.

More Prompts

Having read these prompts, what others could you add about your local area? Places to stay, nearby places to visit? Employment opportunities? Education, housing, renting, taxis, transport links, nearby cities? Architecture, geology, agriculture?